The Beginning

The band started back in 2012 when Pablo La’Ronde, while a guitarist in Bajo Insulto, began to write the first songs that later became Sobernot’s repertoire. Starting a side project in 2013 the band was temporarily named “Smekhma” with Nicolas Basauri on drums; Diego Cristi on vocals and Joaquín “Yakls” Quezada on bass. In pursuit of a groove metal sound style the project underwent internal changes in late 2014. Basauri was replaced by Felipe Sobarzo (former Bajo Insulto) and Cristi left the band due to artist differences.


In early 2015 the band held several auditions for the lead singer position. César Vigouroux, (ex- Rusted) landed the gig and the band as we know it today was formed. They renamed the band “Sobernot” inspired by a Richard Pryor documentary that Pablo was watching during that period. They immediately began to work on their first recordings during March 2015, producing a 4 track EP titled: “Aurt”, which was released on 26 April of the same year. The EP got attention from local and international media, receiving high praises and excellent critique by specialized entities. The band was called “the revelation band of the year”by .Sobernot’s songs were played on many radio stations in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, England, Spain, among others.
In the summer of 2016 the band recorded their first official video for the single “Let Them Starve”, self-produced by the band and Alfredo Piel. The video generated an immediate response with the local Chilean media, having more than a thousand views in less than 24 hours, becoming a regular feature on their live shows.

During this period the band played more over 50 shows around Chile. Their powerful and energetic live performances ensured that they gain popularity wherever they went. The solid fanbase and constant media attention ensured the bands’ invitations to interviews on popular radio stations, specialized streaming sites and podcasts.

Silent Conspiracy

In the middle of this process the band decided to focus on the production of their first LP, starting the recordings in February 2017. However, the process was interrupted several times due to new shows that came along. They returned to the studio in the second half of the year and released the first single called “Vermis” which includes groove and speed metal influences.
After a year of producing their debut LP album, “Silent Conspiracy” was released on 22 May 2018. The album was released on all major streaming and social media platforms. Landing an opening act for Havok in Chile within the same month kickstarted the album promotion.

César Vigouroux


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Pablo La'Ronde


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Joaquín Quezada


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Felipe Sobarzo


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